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Election Management Bodies


For some time now, INEC has made efforts to establish and maintain close working relationships with other Election Management Bodies especially in Africa. The aim is to identify areas of common interest, encourage collaboration and exchanges to enhance the work of the various EMBs.

These collaborations have served as a basis for different organised programmes which have been of mutual benefit to the collaborating EMBs. The programmes focus on areas related to technical support, capacity building of staff, exchange of knowledge and experiences, etc in specific areas of interest.

As a result of the strengthened relations with similar institutions from other countries, INEC has received and sent out invitations to participate in inter-national technical assistance programmes, exchange programmes and electoral activities promoted by electoral authorities, with the purpose of exchanging technical information.  As such, INEC is always willing to collaborate and explore every opportunity by participating in these programmes which help in strengthening INEC’s capacity in the discharge of its statutory responsibilities.

In March 2012, INEC in partnership with UNDP organised and hosted a two day Conference on Knowledge Sharing among African EMBs in Abuja, Nigeria. Sixteen countries were in attendance, namely; Liberia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mali, Tchad, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Niger, DR Congo, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Zambia and Uganda. Other notable stakeholders included the Academia, CSOs, Development Partners, Representatives of Foreign Missions, etc.

In the past three years, INEC officials have also participated in almost 30 election observation missions in more than 20 countries. Some of these include France, USA, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Mexico, Bulgaria, Ireland, Argentina, Ukraine, Jordan etc.

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